New Faces at RDG+Partners: Introducing our Summer Interns

As Tax Season and the Spring College Semester have wrapped up, we have a few new faces at our firm.

We are excited to introduce our Summer Interns– Walker, Lizzie, and Jack.

‍Walker Church

Walker Church is an Accounting Major from the Rochester Institute of Technology, and switched majors three times until he found his calling with Accounting. Growing up in a small town in Maine, Walker was able to enjoy the outdoors with hunting, fishing, camping, and Golf. He also loves Basketball and all other sports. He has a hard time picking out a favorite movie, but he finds the story and science of Interstellar very interesting.

Walker’s goal with this internship is to soak up as much knowledge and experience as possible, while working side-by-side with people in the industry.

Elizabeth Straub

Elizabeth “Lizzie” Straub is a senior at Nazareth College but, is originally from Brewerton, New York.

When she’s not in the office, you can find her playing Basketball, Water Skiing, or reading a great book. Her favorite movie is The Hunger Games.

Lizzie’s goal for this internship is to learn as much as possible and gain experience in the various areas of accounting.

Jacob Zielinski

Jacob “Jack” Zielinski is from Bentley University but, is a Pittsford native.

He enjoys playing various sports such as Golf, Baseball, and Basketball. He also likes to travel and to go hiking. If he had to pick, his favorite movie is Anchorman.

Jack’s goals for the internship are getting exposure to different areas of the firm including audit, consulting, and small business accounting services. He also wants real world experience in the Accounting Field, outside of the classroom. Finally, he wants to find a way to contribute to the firm.

As our intern’s first week comes to a end, we know they will be great assets for our team and we are excited to see them grow as professionals.