Ask the Right Questions, Get the Best Rochester Accounting Services

January 4, 2013

Choosing from among several Rochester accounting and consulting firms can be tricky. Every firm appears to offer similar products and services so much so that the main differences lie in their pricing structure, in their proximity, and in their reputation in the industry.

Fortunately, you as the client can ask questions of the Rochester consulting and accounting firms that will separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. It will not help your cause in choosing the best Rochester accountant to handle your books and accounts to be hasty; take your time, ask questions, and consider your choices carefully. Here are the most important questions – and the reasons for asking – that will distinguish the best Rochester CPA from the crowd in the profession.

Which of your bookkeepers, accountants and tax planners will work directly on the books and accounts of the company? Keep in mind that you will be working directly with these professionals from the Rochester accounting and consulting firm you will eventually choose. It pays to be informed about their education, training and work experience as well as their track record in the profession.

Ask for the biographies of these professionals. Check with regulatory authorities like the New York State Board for Public Accountancy for complaints against the firm or its staff. Interview the employees who may be assigned to handle your business’ accounts and books, if possible. Your main aim is to determine whether the firm itself and its staff are, indeed, qualified to perform the services being offered to your company. If you have any doubt about their capacity, it’s often better to walk away.

How can the Rochester accounting and consulting firm add value to your company? Since you are spending good money on its services, you may as well get the best value possible. For example, why settle for just mere compliance with the rules and regulations on Rochester taxes? The Rochester CPA will also provide for the most effective tax planning strategies so that your company can maximize your tax advantages.

Other values that can be added to the products and services provided by the accountancy and consultancy firm include the reliability of the financial statements issued, the expansion of professional connections in the industry, and the goodwill generated in the community. These add-ons distinguish the best Rochester accounting and consulting firms from the run-of-the-mill establishments.

What is your fee structure? As with all products and services in the market, you will get what you pay for. Be sure to discuss the firm’s fee schedule including its startup costs, billing rates, percentage rates, recurring and non-recurring charges, and out-of-pocket expenses. Basically, you want to keep the costs of hiring the Rochester accounting and consulting firm within your budget without significant compromises on the quality of services rendered. You will also want to ensure that the firm will provide detailed statements on its final billing account so that you can check on the items’ validity.

The above-mentioned questions on qualifications, added value, and fee structure are just three of the most important questions to ask of the Rochester accounting and consulting firms. Ask as many relevant questions as you can until you find the one that meets your needs and wants in an accountancy firm.

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