Beyond Taxes – What CPAs Can Do For You

November 10, 2013

  There is an obvious connection between accountants and taxes. But what may surprise a lot of people is that for the majority of the year what certified public accounts (CPAs) do has nothing to do with April 15. In order to be fully protected while ensuring your money and assets are working how you want them to, you need CPAs that offer total consulting and accounting services, not just taxes.

Consulting—it’s no secret that small businesses can have a hard time generating capital and obtaining financing. Make sure your CPA will compare business proposals from different lenders so you are getting the best deal. Also inquire about bank financing assistance programs and services.

You CPA should also be helping you move forward. Ask yourself, can my CPA help develop a business plan, can they prepare strategies and financial projections, are they experts in merger and acquisition assistance and do they use remote access accounting systems? Comprehensive CPAs will understand business plans completely and be able to advise you on sale price and strategies while helping you identify prospective buyers.

Accounting—reliable and accurate bookkeeping is essential for any thriving business. Look for a CPA that can design a plan that covers your bookkeeping needs, whether you are outsourcing or not. A good firm will also be able to help with retirement plan audits, sales tax returns, electronic data retention and financial statement engagements.

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