Hiring the Right Rochester Consultant Saves Money

February 21, 2013

Saving money is something any business owner should want. Certainly deductions on your taxes are important, which happen through expenses you deduct; however, you should focus on more than just your tax planning. Financial planning is more than taxes; it is about growing your company. There are companies in Rochester offering consultancy services like Rizzo DiGiacco Hern and Baniewicz. Rochester consulting from our firm includes bank financing assistance, business plans, start-up specialization, and Quickbooks integration.

All four Rochester consulting services can help your company save money where it counts.

1. Bank financing assistance is available for the small business experiencing a tough time getting access to needed funds. The lending climate has made it tougher on small businesses without a lot of collateral to gain much needed funds. Our firm helps you write the proposals for the banks and determines which bank will be best for your company. We have relationships with multiple banks allowing us to tailor your proposal to fit each criterion.

2. Many books, online content, and papers have been written on business plans. What we offer during Rochester consulting is our expertise in the local market. Whether you decide you need CFO outsourcing for all your financial needs or someone to use for the business plan only we are here. We help starter businesses and those established looking to grow their company to the next level. Our services include obtaining financing, creating a business plan, strategic planning and financial projections, acquisition assistance, and remote access to an accounting system. Our well-rounded team can help in any capacity as it relates to business finances and tax planning.

3. Starting a business and registering it takes time and knowledge. To make the tedium of filling out paperwork to obtain your Federal ID number and the financial assistance you might need we are here.

4. Quickbooks is just one of the accounting software options for businesses. We prefer it to other programs out there since you have a dedicated server to protect your data on. Clients who have utilized our Quickbooks integration have saved time and money. Information can be added by you or the CFO you have utilized through our CFO outsourcing. You do not have to purchase the software but utilize our service.

The above is a highlight of what we have to offer as a Rochester accounting firm. We understand we are not the only business in your area offering such services, but we do hope you will utilize the help available to you. More than being convenient, a consultant helping in financial matters is going to save you money and time. As you are an expert in your field, there are experts in our CPA field who know what to look for to gain you more tax deductions and financial assistance when needed.

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