Let the Best Rochester Accountant On Board Your Startup

January 6, 2013

Many entrepreneurs go into business with little to no theoretical knowledge, much less practical experience, about bookkeeping and accounting. Many will avoid getting the services of the best Rochester accountant for cost-cutting purposes until the repercussions of such frugality are in their faces. Indeed, the importance of letting the best Rochester CPA on board your startup businesses cannot be overemphasized. Think of him as part of your team that will propel your startup from market anonymity to market dominance within your planned time frame.

The main reason in hiring the services of one of the best Rochester accounting professionals is that he possesses the right set of education, training and work experience in accountancy. Even with your business savvy, you will most likely be unable to apply the principles and practices of modern-day accountancy to your startup business.

The best Rochester accountant can provide for the following valuable services:

• Assist in choosing the best business structure for your startup, said structure of which can be a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a corporation or a limited liability company. Your choice will have several implications on your operations including your tax planning strategies.

• Set up your bookkeeping and accounting systems including but not limited to payrolls, accounts receivables and payables, and inventory. Yes, there are available accounting software applications in the market but it is almost always best to install a customized accounting system in your startup. The best Rochester CPA is your best bet in this regard.

• Provide ways and means to keep your total costs (i.e., inventory, operations and depreciation) down. This is also true for keeping your payments of Rochester taxes within your budget without violations of the applicable laws.

The best Rochester accountant can also serve as your professional contact to other organizations like credit institutions (i.e., banks) and regulatory agencies (i.e., Internal Revenue Service and Department of Labor). Said professional has connections and contacts in several industries that you can tap into for your own purposes like finding sellers, buyers and partners for your startup business. This is also true when hiring the services of the best Rochester consulting firm in the industry.

But that’s not all that an experienced Rochester accountant can do for your startup business either. You should retain his services for as long as your company is in business – or at least, for as long as you have maintained a good working relationship with him.

You can avail of the following services, many of which may have even started during your company’s initial planning phase:

• Identify viable sources of capital and its best uses in business

• Prepare tax returns and comply with tax regulations as well as adopt tax planning strategies

• Polish the bookkeeping and accounting system while training your staff in its effective use

• Provide assistance during internal and external audits

Why assume all of the roles and responsibilities in getting your startup business off the ground and soaring into the skies when you can enlist the best Rochester accountant? You will be able to focus on the business side while the accountant will provide valuable assistance in several aspects.

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