Professionals who Understand Rochester Taxes Can Help You with the IRS

September 8, 2013

There may be a time when the Internal Revenue Service comes knocking at your door. Actually, they will not send an IRS agent to your home or office except in very rare and serious situations. They definitely are not going to raid anyone’s home or business and seize computers and documents unless they suspect criminal activity has taken place. What they will do in many situations is send a letter. The letter could be a basic letter of inquiry or it could be a certified letter that requests very specific actions on the part of the person receiving it. Or better yet, calling on professionals who handle Rochester taxes would be a better strategy.

Common letters of this nature include:

Notices that you have not filed a tax return and unless you file in 90 days, a return will be filed on your behalf.

A letter of audit requesting proof or justifications of deductions taken. If the information is not sent or if it is sent and the deductions are disallowed, your tax bill will be automatically increased.

A letter stating it is believed you under reported your income and that you have a set amount of time to contest the issue or else a tax adjustment and penalty will be forthcoming.

A notice of intent to levy where the IRS will be looking to levy bank accounts or garnish wages in 30 days if action is not taken on a delinquent bill.

Are all these inquiries serious? Yes. Can they lead to major problems for the taxpayer if not addressed quickly? Yes. Can the situation be corrected and done so in a manner that is amicable to the taxpayer? Yes, but only if the right person who works with Rochester taxes is handling the case.

Quite honestly, most of the people who suffer from common problems with the IRS over money can work with the agency to arrive at an agreeable ending for all parties involved. The key to doing this, however, is following with rules and statutes in the law. It also entails making the proper calls to the IRS offices and seeking deferments and waivers. It also requires filing the proper documentation. All of this has to be done the right way and also in a timely manner.

Those with no experience in matters related to taxation and accounting might find it very difficult to achieve any positive results on their own. Now, they may try to navigate the situation by themselves, but this would likely prove to be disastrous. Tax law is complicated and it should be left to those who know what they are doing. Also, if you have put aside taking care of your responsibilities and are now at the point where the IRS is taking action. Once this occurs, it is vital to hand the tasks over to someone who really knows what he or she is doing. Local accountants involved with Rochester taxes may be the best professionals to call when such an issue arises.

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