Rochester Accounting Firms Can Help You with Change

December 12, 2012

No matter what type of change you desire for your business, a Rochester CPA can help provide guidance. If you’re a start up business, you may need a business plan to help you secure financing from a financial institution such as a bank. Operating capital is often necessary for start-ups, but like any investor, a bank wants assurances that you have a well thought out business plan that has potential. While not every business with a positive plan succeeds, the plan shows forethought and professionalism. Often many pitfalls to businesses appear like a red flag when creating a plan, thereby allowing the business to avoid the problems before they even begin. Creating financial projections based on the business environment can also help the company hoping to expand. A Rochester accounting firm can aid you with the planning process and help create financial projections for you, considering all factors. Preplanning and projecting profits and expenses can guide you in the right direction for growth. You may avoid many of the obstacles that you face before you ever encounter them. That makes any change a smoother and far better transition. Securing additional financing for growth requires a detailed business plan. Many accountants who work with businesses can identify what each financial institution wants in the business plan. A CPA can help you create a detailed plan designed specifically to aid you in receiving financing for growth. It can identify areas where lenders might have questions and provide a satisfactory solution that avoids that problem. If you plan on acquiring another business or making a merger, you need to identify the benefits to all. Simply looking at the history of profits isn’t enough. Understanding the nature of the business isn’t either. You need a professional that can delve into the books of the other company or present your financial picture the most advantageous way to maximize your benefits and minimize your risks. Often an outside consultant can spot irregularities you might have missed or find places where non-standard accounting practices make your acquisition look more appealing. The real proof of benefit is in the details and accountants spend their lives in detail-oriented endeavors. Selling a business also has huge ramifications. You first have to establish a price a selling price and the least amount you’ll accept. Most of the people considering purchase will have the benefit of the advice from a CPA or specialist. You need to be as prepared as they are so you sell your business and receive the best possible price. Even the conditions of the sale are important. You’ll also want to find the most tax effective method of selling the business. Personal income tax rules change dramatically throughout the years. The length of time you owned the business, the amount of profit you expect, your depreciated costs and your other personal income all affect the amount of tax you’ll pay. If the sale is near the end of the year, your advisor may recommend you wait a few weeks or days to complete the sale to reduce that year’s taxable income or find other methods of tax reduction you may not have considered otherwise.

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