Take Advantage of Grants and Tax Breaks with the Help of A Rochester CPA

December 20, 2012

Rochester accountants often help the people they serve take advantage of little know tax breaks and state or federally funded programs. For instance, New York offers grants for employers to train new employees in occupationally transferable skills. Many of the Rochester companies already hire and train new employees, but don’t take advantage of the funding available. When you use the services of accountant that understand many of the new programs, they can help you secure funds to pay the costs the company would otherwise pay. There are a few requirements you must meet and an accountant familiar with the process can help you with the necessary paperwork and process to meet those requirements.

Knowing the changes you need to make before the end of the year is also important in saving money by reducing your taxable income or receiving tax credit. You need to look at your health care program and review all the aspects, including those that affect your health care benefits. Health care tax credits and many other business credits are based on the number of employees you have, how much you contribute to their plan and your employee’s compensation.

If you don’t have a retirement plan, whether you’re a large company or sole proprietor, a tax specialist can help to identify the best type of plan. However, there are specific periods for establishing certain plans during the year. You can establish and contribute to a small number of retirement plans after the first of the year and still receive a deduction. Others need to start long before the end of the tax year for your company to benefit. Some plans take considerable time to establish while others are far quicker. Knowing the best retirement plan to save tax dollars, provide a true benefit for employees without straining the company coffers and benefit you and your family the most requires expertise, which an accountant can offer.

Changes in the tax laws remain in flux, in some cases, such 2012, right up until the end of the year. A knowledgeable Rochester CPA can aid you in creating a plan that is flexible enough to cover many different tax scenarios. In times when you know a tax law will change the following year, or tax rates will increase, you need to take action based on these law changes. It might include selling or purchasing equipment in that year or the next. It could be a flag to establish a retirement plan or offer other employee benefits. You’ll have the best information for your situation based on the accountant’s expertise.

If a Rochester CPA is familiar with your business, he knows the types of tax benefits you should receive. Eliciting the aid of these professionals can help you avoid paying more taxes and increase the number of deductions and tax benefits you receive. You’ll find the cost of using an accountant to aid in your business can save you money both on personal and business taxation.

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