The Need to Meet A Rochester CPA to Start Retirement Planning Early

April 10, 2013

There is a lot to be said for retirement planning. There are a wide variety of strategies that people employ ranging from gradual increase in investment to optimizing the payment of Rochester taxes.

However, we believe that one of the most efficient ways of getting the most out of retirement planning is to simply meet with a Rochester consulting firm early and discuss a balanced retirement plan. There are many reasons why we, as your leading Rochester CPA firm feel that starting retirement planning early is the best foot forward.

Giving Your Funds the Maximum Time to Grow

The main reason why we think that you should start your retirement plan early is that the more time you give to your investment, the more it will grow. Consider the benefits of compounded interest. If you were to invest around 1,000 American dollars today, it would give you a certain return after one year in 2014.

However, in the following year i.e. 2015, the interest you get would be on the original sum plus the interest accrued in 2014. Effectively, the longer your investment, the more exponential its growth will be.

Considering SIMPLE IRAs Recommendations from A Rochester CPA

Certain types of retirement plans need to be set up early as well. A SIMPLE IRA is the perfect example of retirement plans that need to be set up early. For instance, as of the rules and regulations of the land, a SIMPLE IRA needs to be setup before the October 1st deadline.

In fact, regardless of which Rochester CFO Services provider you go to, you would be advised the same. A SIMPLE IRA is one of the simplest forms of retirement planning. However, it does offer considerable financial growth and stability.

Increasing Life Expectancy

Owing to improvement in medical technology, the life expectancy of a human being is consistently rising. This means that while you may be planning for a certain number of years after your retirement, this number can go up by the time you retire.

The best way to cope with such discrepancies in planning is to simply start early and leave a certain margin for coping with any gaps that may arise.

Coping With Inflation and Financial Emergencies

Finally, inflation is a key subject for people looking into retirement planning as well. We, being an experience Rochester consulting firm for people looking for retirement planning, see inflation as their biggest threat. The prices of things will rise. It is inevitable.

Similarly, medical and financial emergencies should also be taken into account which is something that many people fail to consider. However, early retirement planning has the potential to offset such threats of inflation and financial emergencies alike.

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