The Role of the Best Rochester Accounting Firm in Retirement Planning

June 17, 2013

Let’s take a look at a few facts related to retirement in order to appreciate the role of the best Rochester accounting firm – Rizzo DiGiacco Hern & Baniewicz, of course – in it. Majority of new middle-class retirees expect to outlive their financial resources especially when they continue to maintain their standards of living from before their retirement. Majority of Americans are also concerned about their retirement future mainly because of their feeling that they are not saving enough for the eventuality.

Fortunately, such fears can be conquered with the appropriate retirement planning. Get a Rochester accountant – one of ours, of course –on your side so that your retirement years will be enjoyable in the sense that you can enjoy a comfortable standard of living with comprehensive healthcare coverage, solvent financial status, and owned real estate property.

What Your Accountant Can Do for You

What exactly can our Rochester CPA do for you that other professionals involved in retirement planning – or even yourself – cannot do? Here are a few examples of the services we can offer as the best Rochester accounting firm in the state.

• Asset Management

Because you will not be working during your years in retirement, you will not be earning a steady income from a stable job either. You must then be able to exercise effective asset management, which means that you must be able to budget, maintain and protect your assets from losses. Your assets can be lost due to many causes such as unwise investments in stocks, star-ups, and real estate; thefts by your own relatives; and bankruptcies, among others.

With the best Rochester consulting firm on your side, your efforts in asset management will be better – more cost-efficient, results-effective, and need-customized. The Rochester CPA assigned to your case will take all the measures necessary to ensure that, indeed, your assets will be protected so much so that you will not run out of financial resources for the rest of your retirement.

• Tax Planning

Our Rochester accounting firm will also provide valuable assistance to soon-to-be retirees and retirees in matters of taxes. Keep in mind that, as a retiree, you have distinct rights and responsibilities, not to mention privileges, which non-retirees do not have under the law. The Rochester taxes applicable to your case will also be different when you are buying a house, investing in businesses and selling assets and for example.

Talk with one of our accountants now and discuss what else we can do for you in relation to retirement planning!

What You Can Do Yourself

But don’t rely on us 100% either. Keep in mind that you must be your own chief financial officer in retirement planning; no CFO outsourcing when it comes to your own future, we daresay. Here are a few things that you can start doing on your own.

• Start saving.

• Know your needs and wants for retirement and then compare these to your present and future resources (i.e., income, assets).

• Contribute to your employers pension plan.

• Ask about private pension plans, too.

Always remember that your retirement is your ultimate responsibility. We, as a reliable Rochester accounting firm, can only help you in this regard.

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