Use a Rochester CPA as Your CFO

December 18, 2012

As a small business begins to grow, there’s an awkward stage where simple booking services isn’t enough, but the company isn’t nearly large enough to hire a full time CFO. There are two solutions. The first is to stay small and cease growing. However, in most cases, this is definitely not a viable option for businesses. Most entrepreneurs work hard to develop a wide customer base and don’t want to turn any away. Once a business begins growing, slowing that growth is also next to impossible. The second option is to find a way to secure the services of an acting controller or CFO without digging deeply into the company coffers.

The second is the most viable of options and is available to business owners in Rochester. Using a boutique CPA firm that offers “outside of the box” services is your solution to the problem. You simply request assistance and a member of the firm provides the services necessary to guide your company financially through the period when you’ve outgrown simple bookkeeping and need more, but still aren’t ready for a full time financial officer.

The cost of the services depends on your needs. You may require a visit from the Rochester accounting firm member a few times a week. In many cases, the amount of time varies from two times a week to as little as once a quarter. By tailoring the time spent to the needs of the company, you not only save by paying only for necessary work hours, but also by eliminating the need for benefits such as pensions, health insurance and other perks a good CFO expects. Since the CPA acts as an independent contractor, there’s no quibbling about adjusting hours or any need to pay Social Security tax. You simply pay the fee, which then becomes a deduction. You might only need the services during specific times, such as during times of planned expansion. The outsourced CFO may only provide guidance in specific areas or perform specific services. He might evaluate your staffing needs or analyze your payroll costs. He might support you during a period where you’re attempting to secure outside financing. No matter what tasks you need, outsourcing your CFO duties can help relieve your personal workload and by doing that, allow you to spend more time in the work that helped you grow in the first place.

Outsourcing your CFO tasks is another way to think outside of the box, a necessary quality to achieve in business at any time. You have the same expertise, perhaps even better, than you would if you hired a full time financial officer, but you only pay a fraction of the cost and can sever the relationship, adjust the number of hours or change the focus of the work at any time. It’s having the best of all worlds for the growing small business without all the headaches. Only a Rochester CPA firm with foresight, willing to work closely with the customer offers this type of service.

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