What a Rochester CPA Team Can Offer

February 5, 2013

This profession has grown to be much more than that, and both individuals as well as businesses can reap the benefits to choosing the right Rochester CPA firm. Some of the activities that don’t come quickly to mind that you can take advantage of are:

Business Plans

Money is what makes companies go. Who else would you rather have helping to create a financial strong business plan over a leading Rochester Accounting & CPA Team. Whether you are creating your first business, acquiring another, or just need to revamp you business strategy the right plan can be made for you. Our expertise will pay for itself and more with the money you can save and new opportunities we can present.

CFO Outsourcing

This is perfect for the growing small business who is outgrowing their accounting capabilities. Many small businesses will reach a point in which a bookkeeper does not provide the financial guidance that’s needed to keep the company on the right tract, and don’t have the money to hire a full time CFO in addition. An experience Rochester CPA can fill this whole for your company at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time employee.

Quickbooks Integration

Our Rochester's CPA’s are Quickbook Pro-Advisors and we have invested a great deal of money into a highly reliable server as well as an expanded license to be able to host Quickbooks for all of our clients. Due to these investments, our CPA’s, as well as our clients, will be able to access Quickbooks from any location with an internet connection. This saves both time and money, and our CPA’s can now provide quick advice directly from the computer.

Retirement Plan Audits

Nowadays a competitive employee benefits plan is what many potential workers are looking into, and base a company decision heavily off the offering. Our CPA’s understand that these plans can be very costly to your business. One of the largest fees occurred is the employee benefit plan audit, and most large firms will charge large amounts of money for this. Due to our size and structure we can do audit at a significantly lower cost to you.

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