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Many accounting firms provide compliance services such as tax preparation and auditing. But at RDG+Partners we separate ourselves from the competition by holding our clients’ businesses accountable and offering various successful consulting services.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • System Reviews
  • Financing Assistance
  • CFO Services
  • Business Valuations

“RDG+Partners have provided us with invaluable service from both an accounting and financial strategy standpoint, as well as tax planning perspective.”

"I am writing regarding Gina Keyes support and efficiency in regards to the Monroe County Sheriff's Foundation and myself. She is always so helpful in all aspects relating to the Foundation. She is very patient and accommodating with our check pickups, receipt procedures and quickly forwards the Foundation's donor cards to me. She also answers my emails in a very timely fashion. I have appreciated her thoughtfulness and professionalism for a very long time. Gina is an asset to the RDG firm. "

Phyllis B.

"It is great to hear about the success and re-focus of your firm. One of many inescapable truths is that there are only 24 hours in a day. We hope you are well and this transition is a positive one for you and your family. I think we have been there from the early days with you and you have been a friend and trusted advisor to us on a personal level as well as for the clients we have referred over the years. It was always comforting to “just call John” with any of our infrequent questions, career conversations, or to address our annual tax filings. While I am certain the complexity of our situation was never much of a challenge for you or the firm, and finding another accountant to do our taxes won’t be too taxing, it was always reassuring to us to know our stuff was being handled by someone with the experience and history with us to see it through at a high level. We wish you the best!"


"Hope you're doing well. I meant to send this email to you some time ago and apologize that it has taken me so long! I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you and your team's help and guidance over the last two last quarters. You guys have really helped make growing our team a very smooth and successful process for us thus far. "

Steve N.

"Honestly, thank you for all you did. Having you and your amazing company has been a game changer for me. I cant say it enough. Thank you. "

Craig C.

"THANK YOU SO MUCH! I could not be happier!!! You guys are incredible WOW. Your hard work and long hours are so greatly appreciated."

Sarah C.

"Michelle is excellent! Simply excellent! While her nonprofit knowledge grows, she steadily advances my understanding and the proficiency of our internal controls. She is great to work with, her professional demeanor allow for me to simultaneously learn and direct, a rare skill! Great choice for GFD to date."


"You did an excellent job again today. I’m sure it’s a tremendous help for many companies. Many small business owners out there still don’t get it. hopefully someday we’ll get through to them! In the meantime, thanks for all you guys do you’re certainly appreciated!"

Steve W.

"The webinar on PPP changes you guys did yesterday was amazing. The best webinar I’ve attended during all of this –and I’ve done a lot!"

Julia A.

"Just wanted to send a quick thank you note. John, thank you! It was a pure joy working with you. Our audience was seriously impressed, and I was even more so! I really appreciate the seriousness and dedication you have shown towards our webinars. Thank you and have a wonderful evening!"

Hans R.

"I just wanted to let you know that I was on your webinar last week and you did an amazing job! It was super informative. I forwarded the invite to a lot of customers, and they said the same. I’m hoping that you get some new clientele from the folks that I had join or that I sent information to from the information that you provided. I’m shocked by the number of CPA’s who really don’t understand the whole PPP process."

Linda D.

"I've been watching from afar how you're taking care of your customers. Becca on our team can't speak highly enough of the help we've received from RDG. "

Garry W.

"You and the team are doing a great job of keeping us updated with your e-blasts… WELL DONE! "

Andrew D.

"You and your team are just awesome!!! Thanks for all your work. I could never read 5,000 pages of this! From the IDS Accounting Dept. "

Stacy, Joni and Lori

"Thanks so much! You guys have been great in this progress, thanks for keeping us up to date, we really appreciate it!"


"These updates are fantastic……they’re specific and to the point and they keep me informed! Really appreciate you guys and what you all do! Thanks John! Stay safe! "


"I completed the PPPL Application just now. Thank-you John! I couldn’t have done it without you all. Much Love and Appreciation."


"Very helpful and you and your team are to be commended on your huge effort to pull this together! "


"Thanks for everything, Tim. You have been wonderful, patient, awesome-in-a-zillion-ways. "

Holly C.

"John & all at RDG+P, the snip below says it all! Thank you for arranging this. You 'guys' are the best! I'm a customer for life."

Gary R.

"This guy (Adam Pettinella) has gone above and beyond, he is just amazing."


"Honestly, thank you for all you did. Having you and your amazing company has been a game changer for me. I can’t say it enough... Thank you!"

Craig P.

"I wanted to thank you and all your staff for all you’ve done for us the last 12 months. Your team is excellent, and I always highly recommend your firm to all my client. I’m so happy we switched over for all or benefits as well. Thanks!"


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RDG+Partners wants to be the primary advisor for motivated business owners. The firm is committed to providing boutique level accounting, tax and business consulting services to the Rochester, NY community.

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